Epo cycle  


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13/12/2019 10:42 am  

Hello everyone I am new to this forum. I am an elite rower, who is coming up on the biggest two months of the rowing season very soon. I have access to 20,000IU of EPO, caffeine, and creatine ethyl ester (for strength). How should I make this dosage of 20,000 last...(i know 3x3000ius for 2 wks is standard, but then I will not have anything for maintenance.) I will also be taking 10 ferrochels per day to keep iron high. Additionally, I was considering the creatine to help with power (races are usually only 2k so power helps), and specifically CEE so that i dont get as much bloat.

EDIT: I am a lightweight rower - usually weigh in at around 164 lbs if that helps dosages.

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22/12/2019 11:43 am  

you will need more E, if not 3k EOD is fine for me, with b12 and b9 and sleeping 9h per day.
Pentoxyfiline and intravenous Vit C are good extra supps