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Boldelab-200 is made by 7Lab Pharm.

1 mL of solution contains:

  • 200 mg Boldenone Undecylenate

Boldelab-200 comes in 10 mL sterile multi-dose vials, and it is a steroid you should be looking at if you want a slow lean high quality muscle cycle, rather than the mass size increase of a Test or Deca cycle. By using Boldenone you can really get the toned look that most are after and the strength increases will also be very noticeable. Please remember this steroid is not going to make you shed 50lbs over night and is for those who can remain patient and stay strict when on will be amazed at results if you do!!

Cycle length and dosage

12 weeks cycle - 4ml a week - 2 x 2ml jabs is the advised dosage. You can cycle this steroid with others and adding a fast acting Test to your cycle will speed up the increases if you are looking for a bit of extra size or a little impatient!