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Oxano-Lab 20

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oxano-lab 20

Oxano-Lab 20 is an oral anabolic and androgenic steroid made by 7Lab Pharm.

1 tablet contains:

  • 20 mg Oxandrolone

For oral use only.

Oxano-Lab 20 comes in 100 tablet sachet.

Oxano-Lab 20 can be prescribed for a number of therapeutic problems causing spontaneous power defeat, in order to endorse force development. Oxano-Lab 20 had as well been given to be moderately winning in treatment of kind of osteoporosis. It was accepted for orphan medicine category by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in treating alcoholic hepatitis, Turner`s syndrome, and power failure shown by HIV. Adding, Oxano-Lab 20 has shown affirmative results in taking care of anemia and heritable angioedema. Oxandrolone does not aromatize at any quantity, also is not without problems ingested into DHT or estrogen. As such, a distinctive measure of 20-30 mg adviced important androgen levels for up to eight hours. To increase efficacy, bodybuilders in general "stacked" the Oxano-Lab 20 with additional such as Testosterone, advance enhancing corp muscle put on.

Negative results: Spots (only in big quantities), water retention, high blood pressure


Men 20 - 100 mg/day
Women 2,5 - 20 mg/day