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Masteroxyl 200

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Masteroxyl 200

Masteroxyl 200 is made by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals.

1 mL of solution contains:

  • 200 mg Drostanolone Enanthate

Masteroxyl 200 comes in 10 mL sterile vial.

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I got it for this cycle and I was going to add it to my cycle 6 weeks in, on a 12 weeks cycle of Cyp. and Deca. I was going to do 300mg a week but was wondering if that is sufficient. How quickly till you see results? and would I benifit waiting till 7 weeks in and do 400mg a week for 5 weeks. The reason is I only have one bottle and I am looking for the best way to use it and benifit from it. So 300mg a week for 6 weeks or 400mg a week for 5 weeks?

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300 is fine. It's fantastic stuff. I'm using it now for the last 6 weeks of my precomp. Definately has a great affect.