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Posts: 5 is by far the best site out there! I've tried many other sites before stumbling across roidsmall, and have been a loyal customer for the past 2 years. I would have to say I've had the best results with Kalpa. Everything roidsmall has is potent, but there Kalpa stuff is incredibly cheap and very good quality. There are many things that make Roidsmall stand out from the rest, but one thing that keeps me comming back is there 40 percent off sale. Every week customers vote on a product that gets put on sale 40 percent off each week. This is a great way to stock up on your favorite products.

I've made over 25 orders with roidsmall, and have only had one package seized. I sent them a picture of the seizure letter and within a two days they shipped out another package with the same products. They do have a customer support team that will get back with you within 24 hours of your message being sent. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Packaging is extremely professional and discrete. It usually takes a total of 6 to 12 days for the package to arrive from the time you pay for the products which is great considering how far it has to travel.

I've ordered Kalpa dbol, oral winstrol, oral tren, tren ace, test E, test C, test prop, nolva, clomid, arimadex, EQ, mast, tren enanth, halotest, T3, anavar, and more that I can't think of at the moment.

I've used there Kalpa, 7Lab, DP, Maha, and generic labs, and I've always had the results I expected, and in some cases even exceeded my expectations in some cases.

I would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't tried it yet. In my opinion you're wasting your money shopping anywhere else

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I recently discovered roidsmall myself and I decided to order my last 5 week PCT form them. products were much cheaper than I have paid for them in the past and they arrived within about 3 weeks of me ordering from the site, the delays was caused by this shit goin' on with covid virus.

packaging was very good, very discrete.

KP Nolva 40,40,30,20,10 a week

KP Exemestane 25,25,12.5,12.5, 6.25 a week

HCG 1000iu eod 2 weeks

as far as result I can say that ive made one of the best and quickest recovery from a cycle that ive had! nolva and exema work very well together as they do not have a negative affect on one another like arimidex and nolva do. Also very good to run exemastane with HCG due to the test boost you will get if its real and to prevent estrogen post cycle, which is quite important. I am sure of the purity of these products from the way I feel on them and I will be buying this PCT again for sure! Thanks roidsmall!

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Was my first order with roidsmall and it went very smooth, easy payment, fast shipment, took 7 days to get to UK after payment was received. Impressive.

Usually order from UK sources but been very interested in kalpa products and 7lab pharma. Personally I rather wait a little extra for quality gear. Kalpa and 7lab pharma going to be my go to brands from now on, and roidsmall my go to source. Quality products range, large brand and product selection, excellent service. Like a clock work.

Great communication, smooth transaction. Didn't have to contact them once regarding my order as I had constant email updates and knew what was going on, once payment recived and once it's been shipped.

Discreet and secure packaging, all products arrived in perfect condition. Really well packaged.

Been using kp mast e 200 for 4 weeks now, results came quick due to it having mast p in the mix, noticed getting drier and leaner on the week two, probably one of the best mast I used so far, glad I didn't take the risk buying average ugl brand mast. Mood and libido improved on the second week, over all well being also improved and feel great. I was using 3ml per week, 1ml sat tue thu. Running it with 500 7l cyp and 500 7l tren.

Dp sdrol - kept me looking very full while on low carb and cals. Started on 20mg per day for first week, then upped to 30mg per day for next two. Had some serious back pumps from it so stayed on 30, strength shot up, I could only compare it to Anadrol but with drier look. Great product will use on every cut for fuller look.

Kp aromaxyl - worked as expect, just like pharma aromasin ( which is very hard to split in half even with pill cutter ) was running 12mg eod kept me dry and kept me free of high estrogen side effects. Everything was under control, so far been very enjoyable smooth ride with great results. Really happy with the quality and effectiveness.

Looks like roidsmall have became my new go to source, with crazy offers and promos all the time and great quality with great prices, what else do you want ?

Btw just placed another order with more kp products...

Highly recommend, if in doubt give it a try, I did.

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I ordered some Balkan Aromasin a while back, and have been using it for a couple weeks on my current cycle, and it's working as expected. Roidsmall has always provided great customer service, and I will continue to do business with him.

Packaging is always secure and discrete, and usually takes about 7-10 days for delivery to the US.

I've been using the Balkan Aromasin since the start of my current cycle, which includes a high dose of Testosterone, and Anadrol. Dosing the Aromasin at 12.5mg per day, and no signs of sides from estrogen. Tabs are well pressed and break in half clean, with no crumbling.

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I have used roidsmall before and always been 100% satisfied with the process and the Gear

When I had a question I contacted Roidsmall and yes got a response and yes the question was answered. Support was and is second to none.

Delivery time was a bit faster than expected. I thought that the COVID-19 would of slowed things down a bit, but was not the case. I have ordered domestically and it has taken more time than Roidsmall. Pleasantly Pleased!

I forgot how Good the KP line is. For me this combo works well. I always go 2 to 1 on the Test and Deca . The Eth 1cc every other Day the Dec 2x week. What can I say I love the trem. 4x week with this. 2 drol a day. Strength and hardness through the roof. Energy awesome body fat continues to slowly disappear.

in the Mid 50's so I have been on a cycle or 2 I like to think that I can tell when I have good gear that I am working with KP without a doubt is GREAT Gear. I like to stick with stuff that works. 5'9" and 246lbs with abs and striations in quads and tri's. I am not Mr. America and do not pretend to be. But at 54 I will take this over a couch potato any day. 30 years of bodybuilding HAS paid off. Thanks Roidsmall. Customer for Life!

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First order with ROIDSMALL and everything from start to received went as well as it could! Won't be my last with RMALLs

I received tracking numbers on all 4 packages. 3 of the 4 tracked properly. The one that didn't track was actually my second pack received so I didn't sweat it. Took from 8-15 days to receive all 4 packs. All securely wrapped and nothing broken.

6) Kalpa Pharma Cyp 250. It was on 50% off promo

4) Tren E 200

2) Clomid

2) Nolva

2) Arimidex

2) 7Lab bold (EQ) 250

Ordered the Tren seperatly from the other 3 but from Roidsmall it was on 50% the week after the KP cyp 250

I ordered 2 cycles but for this review I'm reviewing KP Cyp 250 and KP Tren E 200. Followed up with the regular PCT.

10 week cycle 500 test 400 Tren every week. Pinned in one syringe every mon/thurs. 250/200 1mg of Arimidex EOD until week 10

3 weeks after last pin started 100 Clomid 40 Nolva for first week then 3 weeks at 50/20 Started cycle weighing 225. Ended weighing 235. I'm not sure on my BMI but I'm noticeably thinner and gained at least 10lbs of solid muscle. I didn't have any negative sides. Just the normal oily skin and aggression in the gym. I woke up everyday in a good mood and felt great. No pip on any pins.

If you aren't sure about a source pick this one. I have nothing but positive reviews and the gear is great. Thanks ROIDSMALL!

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For three years, I have been using roidsmall and no matter what product I order, it always seems better than the last. With all the sources that are out there, roidsmall has never let me down and solves any minor problems I have ever had (including shipping delays). I would recommend this site for anyone.

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This is a long over due review for some product I ran for a cutting cycle a while back. All I can say is that the products are simply amazing... top notch quality

KP Test Prop and KP Masteron prop

I used this product for roughly 8 weeks. I maintained a steady weight of 250lbs, but but shredded a lot of body fat. It made for an amazing recomp cycle. maintained strength on all major lifts while eating a somewhat restricted diet. Vascularity was awesome by the end.. Masteron definitely brought out the hardness. Had some PIP but nothing really bad; pretty much what you would expect with a prop ester. Amazing over all quality, can't say enough how much I enjoyed this combo.

Highly recommend.. Top notch quality and roidsmall is very professional

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