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Long overdue review for First time using them and didn't disappoint. There is a reason why these guys are number one on here

Very quick response back to any was very helpful. Any question i had was answered very quickly. Received emails every step of the process.

Packaging was very discrete and tight. No broken vials and looked like a regular package. Signature was required making it less likely to be seized by customs. Took almost 2.5 weeks from ordering to get it at my door step not bad at all for a over sea source.

Been using the Masteron in my current cycle. No PIP and clear vials. Used 300mg a week in current cycle. Noticing less body fat and weight slowing going up due to combining it with Test E, Tren, and EQ.

Used Aldactone in prep for show and noticed incredible lose of water weight in just 3 days then used it for 3 more days leading up to contest. Incredible results, however sometimes got cramps due to rapid lost of water weight. Used 10mg a day

Great supplier, very informative explaining what each steroid compound does as well as having laboratory tests to back it up. Any questions i had which i had a lot due to never using them before but they always reassured me via emails. Just overall a very good experience with them and will be using them again.

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This is my first post, and first time order from roidsmall. In the past I was on TRT from my doctor, and had my gear from a pharmacy. I was a bit worried to try an online source but, gave it a shot. I’m glad I did. The service was fast, 12 days from site>>payment>>received. I was very pleased with the professional service, and addressing all my “newbie” questions. I'm a hard sell on anything, and roidsmall sold me on being a quality product supplier.

They were very prompt. I had questions on how to make a payment etc. The support team helped with everything 100%.

The packaging was perfect in size, and was wrapped very well. The HGH was separate from the Test and items, and even came sooner. The extra fee for HGH delivery is well worth it for the speed.

So far, I have had great results with the sustanon 250, and know it's the real deal. I was using Mast/Tren/Test prior to this order, and feel CRAZY pumps from it. the HGH is also legit, and passed the "pregnancy test". I'm one month into treatment and when I ramp up my dose, really feel my fingers burn (feet as well). Energy THROUGH THE ROOF!! I was very nervous using the Dragontropin HGH but, will be placing another order VERY soon. I'm happy to have a solid source secured for my gear, and hope others find this helpful. In the game of gear we all need to look out for each other, and I love this site!!

I will continue to order from roidsmall. A+ transaction.

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Im writing this review just because RoidsMall awesomely surprised me with their service.

My package got split into 2: 1 pack from Axio and the other from Kalpa.

The package arrived and I was amazed how stealth it was made - im from one of the strictest customs check countries and it arrived non domestic in about 1,5 week. The products were in one piece - tabs and vials, and they were 100% legit !

The messaging system was very informative, the website did offer everything i needed to know to get to know the site, the ordering process, the package info etc.

Cannot comment in detail but the package was very discreet. I expected a package about 3 times bigger, but when I got the package I instantly though " Damn, they forgot something". But everything was safely at my door. The vials were padded well and not damaged, thats a big PLUS !

RoidsMall was and is always delivering high-grade products, no matter what. The stuff I got are legit, they are working.

RoidsMall was a site that I saw a long time ago before i ordered anything and it seemed the most legit, therefore after researching some more I'm sure i made the right decision to shop with RoidsMall. The ordering process is simple, the site offers a large range of products, you can track the shipping of your package anytime PLUS it ships them very stealthly so you can't just go wrong with it ! Recommend !

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