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04/03/2019 11:39 am  

Rx-roids nails it again!

The best communication and support I've ever dealt with here. He answered all if my questions regarding products, cycle, diet, training, and more.

The T/A was spot on about a week. Packaging was light and tight and didn't give off any suspiciousness at all.

12x Test E

6x Test Prop

3x Masteron E

The oils are ultra smooth and PIP is minimal. My 12 week test cycle has been steady, full of energy, and massive gains. Very pleased!

This is my biggest order to date and I had 100% confidence in my purchase. You cannot beat this source! A+++

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11/03/2019 11:44 am  

I started a cycle dec 8th of test e and Eq. Used the dbol to kick start this cycle. I took the dbol at 50mg/day. (I had more dbol same kind different source for my kicker to last a little longer)

Stuff works. Felt great within the first couple of days. Strong and weight went up a couple of pounds. After the ten day supply I had put on about 8 pounds. Obviously had me a little puffy but it's winter so it's cool. Lower back pumps kicked in about day three.

T/a was about 10 days. Fast enough for me

Dbol 10mg x50. Used for ten days then continued with same product different source. Lower back pumps let me know my dbol is on point

Great product and source. I use the dbol from rx-roids and other sources and it is consistent

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