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BuySteroids.Ws is an American Steroids Store providing different bodybuilding supplements (mostly anabolics and other steroid related products) internationally. Their main concern is to provide their customers reliable shipping services at affordable rate. reviews

This company is well known because of the quality of their anabolic steroids and peptides. They always purchase products in bulk form the original manufacturer and ship them from authorized bounded warehouses. Purchasing the product in a large amount enables them to save money to provide their customers with these products through free shipping. They guarantee that their product will always be delivered fresh and it will be tax free. All of their products are listed on their website, hence a person can order for them at any instant quickly and easily. This company is providing their shipping services for almost 10 years now.

BuySteroids.Ws Customers Reviews:

Most Customers provide moderate to positive feedback for this company. They believe that the products provided by this company and their online transactions are safe and secure. Their terms and shipping policy is strict and they offer a 30 days guaranteed reship on all of their products. They offer a large number of steroids brands like:

They also offer a wide range of peptides that include

The range available on their website is praised by many customers.

Customers are happy that they can buy a variety of anabolics through this company. There is a variety of original steroids on their website. Customers can easily pick a steroid of their choice and place an order for it instantly. Their steroid range includes Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories etc.

Customers are happy for not receiving Spam Emails through this company. Some customers do not like one of the terms in their delivery policy i.e. they do not ship orders on the weekends. Customers have to wait for the weekdays for shipments.

Customers say that they can easily get a refund if they do not receive their orders or they can ask for reshipment instead of refund. Their sales support is quick and effective and their staff is always available for customer’s assistance.

Conclusive Remarks:

They provide a variety of products at affordable rates. They have a zero tolerance spam policy and their customer support is quick and effective. They give a 30 days reship guarantee on all of their products. Customers are satisfied from the shipping services of the The prices of the products are affordable and quality of anabolics, androgens and peptides is always guaranteed.

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Ordered many weeks ago and finally ran the gear. Wow!

Packaging was great, everything was very protected and arrived safely. Turnaround time was within time specified

Kalpa's Tren kicked my ass and I started gaining strength and sides again! Good gear along with experienced helpful advice, can't go wrong ordering from!

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Quick response and tracker sent to me without asking. Pretty fast for overseas 1 week total. My buddy has been using the dbol since I don't like running 2 orals at the same time. He loves it definitely helped his shoulders swell up. I ran the anadroxyl one a day. It's legit Kalpa. Had me walking on water during workouts and my favorite thing about abombs the way your body feels so tight in every muscle. Great stuff and highly recommend.

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I was searching for a good source and I finally found it. was such a pleasure to talk to, he helps me with any question or concerns I had and wrote back promptly.

Kalpa's gears is on point, I ordered there test prop and tren ace and its g2g.

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First time using the seller and couldn't have asked for a better one all emails replied to very quickly and a genuinely nice person all packaged securely,no items broken in post

All excellent quality products

Great source and fantastic offer of BUY 2 GET 1 FREE, will be using again

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hey guys new here just want to give an honest review for I've placed orders two orders with him thus far and have to say i'm satisfied with the entire process. The first order had a brief mishap that took a bit longer than expected but more than made up for it with freebies. The second order was extremely fast and smoothe. Communication is very good and fast. I plan on using these guys again in the future. Gear is working very well. Use with confidence!

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This is my first time using BUYSTEROIDS.WS and I was surprised at how easy the whole process was. I did a 12-week cycle and received amazing results from the Kalpa Test E. I was a little nervous at first because I had red some negative reviews on Kalpa but I also saw positive ones so I decided to put myself through an experiment like the lab rat I am and I wasn't disappointed. The entire cycle was smooth as silk. No real sides other than a little acne and maybe some very minor back pumps that were cleared up with Taurine. I packed on 15 lbs of solid mass all from doing home workouts with kettlebells, body weight exercises and eating as much nutritious food as possible. I'll be placing another order very soon, love these guys!

Communication was spot on. I had a few questions during the process but everyone of them was answered in a very timely manner. BUYSTEROIDS.WS was right there with me throughout the whole thing.

Packaging was great and very discreet.

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I've ordered from here 3 times. They've proven themselves to be a really good supplier, definitely not a scam!

Responded extremely fast to any emails I sent or questions I had

2x10ml Kalpa Test E 250mg

100x10mg Kalpa Anavar

7Lab Clenbuterol

Kalpa Adex

7Labs Nolva

7Labs Clomid


Insulin Pins

The test, anavar, adex and HCG was spot on, only on week 8 of 10 week cycle so I can't speak for the PCT stuff yet. Gained a good amount of strength so far, looking forward to re-testing 1RMs once I'm done. No bad sides, nipples where itchy until i upped Adex to .5mg ED. After that it was all good

I'd definitely use this source again.

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I must say I was very impressed with

Probably some of the best in my 15 years of doing this..

T/A two weeks from when payment was sent.. very quick

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Came to this source because it's domestic and I just got back from vacation, wanted to start a tren blast FAST, including superdrol so I used these guys

Emails responded to within a day during a huge sale and everybody was placing orders, so thanks for that

Packaging was super easy to deal with, wasn't obvious, could've been anything really, merchandise was super safe, TIGHTLY packed so no fear of breaking

Tren A - shit is fire. 100mg/day and inside of 5 days I'm REALLY really kicking ass as far as recovery, little night sweats and weird dreams/sleep because I'm running my test high this cycle (tren 700, test 750) for a bulk. I heal same day lol, If I had to do the same body part for days in a row, I probably could on this stuff, soreness is virtually non-existent and I'm harder, leaning out, packed on 10 pounds and I'm only 3 weeks in, feel like a GOD Superdrol... please take TUDCA when starting this because this shit will whoop your ass, it is strong. Days 2-4 were the best gym days I've ever had popping 20mg everyday 2 hours before lunch/gym... and then day 5 I couldn't even get out of bed, slept for 14 hours, haven't slept for more than 5 on tren in forEVER but this stuff put me on my ass because its hard on your liver, so take some tudca, enjoy the massive killer strength/size boost and have a lethargy death like I did

I'm coming back here. Found somebody domestic that will process/ship inside of 4 days WTF so I'm super happy, love the sdrol, love the price, Tren is FIRE - i'll be back

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For a US domestic seller I won't go anywhere else after use I tried another seller and was yanked around for weeks waiting on gear. doesn't play game he delivers the goods and they are top notch.

Packaging was bubble wrapped tight and securely. No chance for any breakage

I order

Test Cyp

Test Enan


I've tried all the products and all top of the line. I have compared the test yo what I bought at the pharmacy and Eternuss' stuff is better. Less PIP and the pump is much stronger and harder.The anavar made my pumps so intense I would almost cry after a hard set!

I have used gear for over 25 years and I was very please with the gear from He even threw in a few freebies on my last order. Great customer service.

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I have ordered from, good price and fast shipping. i will definitely order here again. Everything went smooth. Packaging was very good protected. Shipping was very fast, from the day i ordered it took 5 days for Sciroxx products. Used Oxandrodex for 8 weeks 40/50 mg a day. I really loved it. Stength went up a bit, ridiculous and sometimes painfull pumps. It also gave me that hardened dry look. No side effects at all.

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I definetly approve this source and will be purchasing from them very often. Very good, fast and good english (unlike some sellers out there) Very discrete, no problems at all 1x kit Kalpatropin 200ui (10 vials) Exactly what I would expect from HGH, I have used pharma-grade before (Hormotrop) and I've had exactly the same benefits: sleep quality improvement, regeneration, better nitrogen retention even on a restricted diet (low carb), strong body recomposition effects, the whole shabang. Go for it, guys. This stuff is good.

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Have recently used through a recommendation through a friend. From ordering through to after service advice has been flawless. They have always managed to deliver within the time frame and the packaging has been very discrete. The gear itself has been of a great standard and am now benefiting from it. Highly recommended.

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The is incredible when it comes to customer service and turn around time. My orders come together without a glitch and I see my products in 3 days. Everything is packaged perfectly and looks great everytime. He also has some great deals and sale prices from time to time. His whole operation is top notch and I won't be going anywhere else. Thanks!!