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Rx-Roids always tries their best to serve the bodybuilders all over the world with the best product at the lowest price. World famous steroid brands are affiliated with Rx-Roids. They bring the steroids from the actual manufacturers, preserve the steroids well and then they deliver steroids to the customers who order for steroids online. reviews

Services and Products

If you visit the websites of several online steroid shops, you will find that there are not many which sell steroids at the same price of Rx-Roids. Most of the steroids which you can buy from Rx-Roids are priced less than $50. But in some other online steroid stores, you will find the prices two times, even three times bigger. It is because those online steroid shops want to make too much profit from their products. But Rx-Roids believes in customer satisfaction rather than profit. For example, you can purchase Testosterone Propionate at only $30. from Rx-Roids. But if you try to buy the same steroid from your local stores or some other online steroid stores, you will find this price too much. The local stores are never able to serve steroids at the same price as Rx-Roids. So it is way better to purchase your steroids from Rx-Roids rather than local stores. Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, BodyPharm, Dragon Pharma, SP Laboratories etc are the main steroid brands which you will find at the online store of Rx-Roids. There are many more to serve you.

Customer Satisfaction

The customers are really grateful to Rx-Roids because they provide steroids at such lower price. One customer bought steroids from the local stores. He thought the prices at the local stores were quite ok. But one day he came to know about Rx-Roids. He could not believe his eyes because the prices at are way lower than the stores which are situated at his country. Then he ordered for one vial of his favorite injectable steroid. He was a little bit doubtful whether the vial will reach him or not. But the ordered vial reached him just in time. The price of that vial was 70% lower than the regular prices at the nearby stores at his place. Now that person regularly order for his gear at the online store of Rx-Roids.


All the anabolic steroids at online shop are very good in terms of quality and cheap in price, now it is very easy to buy steroids with bitcoin. These are the main things which are needed for a successful online steroid store.

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i do alot of small orders as i can never seem to trust one supplier. Even with the biggest around, it feels like they have over on you as they know you need the gear. This guys by far has the best customer service, even with a very small order, he knows nothing of how much i can spend etc & still treats me better the rest of the suppliers on here.

KP test cyp - real KP love this stuff, hope he has back in stock again soon Thankyou so much! top guy, does things like a business is suppose to - support this one guys!!!

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Fantastic source!!! knowledgeable and willing to answer a lot of dumb questions.

Products came in the allotted time packing was discreet and bottles were secure.

4-Test P 4-Test C 4-Test E

Pinning 100 of test P eod and 250 of test c and e every 4 days. Have great libido, morning wood, oily skin, all the normal sides.coming to the end of an 8 week cutting cycle very controlled clean diet I have lost 26 pounds in 7 weeks

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I decided to give these guys a try about 6 months ago because their pricing was so good and Im so glad I did. Their customer service is the best ive experienced and Ive been at this a long time and there is not a company out there with better customer service period. The products are also excellent properly dosed and the prices just great. Im very pleased with this company and have since ordered 4 more times.

By far the best customer service, every question I asked from before my purchases all the way thru until arrival time were answered usually within 30 minutes no more than 1 hour every single time.

T/A to the USA was within 12 days, very good and discreet packing.

Kalpa Test E 250 and Kalpa Deca 250, DP 50mg Anavar and SP HGH 100iu kit

I used 500mg of Test E every 10 days for 6 weeks along with 250 mg of Deca every 10 days, 100 mg Anavar every day for the last 4 weeks of my 12 week cycle. My Bench press went up 90 lbs in 12 weeks I dropped 8% bodyfat, my abs are ripped and my start weight was 206 after the 12 weeks my weight was 223 I lost 8% bodyfat. and gained 17lbs. I havent used the SP Tropin long enough to give a full review on it however I just started using 3 ius a day for 9 days so far and what I can say is I know that it is 100% legit because I already have the corpal tunnel side effect and some brown aging spots on my legs are fading quickly. Ive been doing this long enough to know.

Dont hesitate with this company very solid and properly dosed products.

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My review for my purchase with rx-roids. This is my second order with this supplier but my first run with 7lab products, my friend tried them and loved them and hes a bit of a gear snob so I said why not and ordered my cycle here when he recommended them and since I tried this supplier before albeit year ago his shipping was fast so I had no issue ordering.

Very good, fast replies and easy to work with. What more could I need. Very simple ordering here and communication was good. 8 buisness days packed very well and bubble wrapped perfectly. Super stealth and discreet.

Eight vials each of 7lab brand testosterone propionate and masteron propionate

Well I ran this cycle as a cut and wanted the androgenic aggressive mood that helps me power through a workout even on a diet but I didnt want tren so I opted for masteron for less sides and similar hardening and aggression. I ran this cycle for eight weeks at one hundred mgs of both testosterone propionate and masteron propionate a day while deiting and lost 15lbs of body fat while maintaining my muscle and adding a few pounds of muscle. This combo was amazing I sufferd no sides and had a crazy high libido the whole time and very aggressive workouts and set many prs with this stacks. I loved the skin thinning effects and vascularity I got as well and my mood was much better than when I use tren.

Im very happy with how this stack assisted my fat loss by allowing me to push harder and diet harder. Very pleased thank you.

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Placed an order a while back and figured it was time for a review!! Everything went smooth placed my order, shipping was fast and discrete, product quality was GREAT!!

Communication was great, answered all my questions.

Shipping was faster than I had expected which is great, that just meant I got to start my cycle sooner 🙂 Packaging was great very discrete

Test E

Test Prop








Started out at 200lbs and was on Test E @ 500mg/week, Primo @ 600mg/week, and Anavar @ 80mg/day.

I used the dbol @ 50mg/day for a couple of weeks to jump start my cycle, I had pumps like crazy and strength was going through the roof. At the end of my 12 week cycle I had gained a solid 15lbs. of lean muscle and BF% went way down. I really enjoyed taking this gear it was best cycle so far, and got me looking like a BEAST!!!

This gear is definitely G2G. For the awesome quality of the gear and the prices, you can't go wrong ordering from them.

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Good source.

Very fast and easy to deal with.

These guys were very friendly and easy. Good website and easy to buy from. I took about a week to get here, the packaging was discreet. Nothing to complain about.

I use Balkan arimidex because its pharmgrade. I like to use my AI's pharm grade only since it's important with high quality. The arimidex definitely does its job to prevent bitch tits and bloat. As for the novorapid I use 10ius pre workout and I get massive pumps and weight gain. Look really full. I recommend this source. Fast and quick, good quality products.

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First time ordering from i ordered 2 lots of Clomid and it did the job. Delivery was great and communication between the seller was great I'll be ordering all my stuff from rx-roids from now on.

Taking 2 Clomid one on a morning and one on a night while doing a 5 week course on sus and deca worked well for me.

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Used this source many times now- excellent source- This review mainly for Test

Best packaging of any source- Won't embellish as is part of the service!

Test used for about a month now, so mainly reviewing that and test prop, deca only 2 weeks- Libido up, needed less sleep which is always a good sign for me (things affect us all differently. I admit I was a bit Sceptical as could find NO negative reviews for Kalpa, which I just thought strange.... Used 1ml per product, ie 500mg Test Mix, 1 ml Test Prop, 1ml Deca every 2-3 days- Deca continued from deca already running at 600mg every 2-3 days so lowered dose- no change to joints etc so maybe part due to front-loading or just decently dosed- Was expecting possible PIP as avoided Ethyl Oleate Oil base- this proved to be unfounded as smooth as butter.

great source all round

Kalpa excellent lab- will be back!

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I have made two separate purchases from

Good packaging and landed with in T/A

test propio

tren acet


I've run a similar stack before but this time the dosages were slightly higher. Testoxyl propionate gave me hard boners and high energy levels. Winstrol kept me dry and lean without joints pain as I was running npp with this stack. Tren acet brought that contest prep look. Encountered tren cough, high blood pressure events, head aches, stomach acidity, night sweats, unnecessary aggression and acne. Used 25 or 24 G needles and never had pip issue.

Definitely recommended.

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These guys have fantastic customer service and actually care about what you get and how you get it.

emails are right away and are constant until your items are in your hand. I've got to say their the quickest and easiest I've used yet without any doubts of not getting my products.

The products seem to be really potent as I'm feeling the goodness in just 4 days

I'll defo be using these guys again

The best I've dealt with and prices are great.

Packed really well and descrete, free fast postage is an extra bonus

DP Test 400

Kalpa NPP 100

7Lab Proviron

That's 4 days with the Test 400 and Proviron and my Libido is through the roof and high feeling of well being. I'm also starting to feel a bit stronger.

The Kalpa NPP I'll let you know about when I'm reviewing my next order.

Working out what to get next from these Guys

Bobo Daklown
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Solid source, good prices.

Discreet package. Took some time to arrive but that was the local postal service's fault, I made another purchase from a different source and it took a lot of time too.

It's my second order from this site and think I'll become a regular.

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I have ordered twice from RX-ROIDS now and after using them for awhile I definitely owe them a glowing review. The gear came from overseas and arrived within two weeks each time. Packaging was great. I was very happy with the quality.

Communication was good. I submitted my order and waited less than 24 hours for payment info. Never needed to have to contact them again. I feel some people just have problems with being patient and contact them while they just have to settle down and wait for the order to arrive.

Packaging was tight!


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Once again extremely impressed. My stuff was here in 13 days! This order was: Test prop 200, Boldenone 300, and T Suspension 100. Becuase I am a repeat customer, he threw in an extra prop for me. This guy is unbelievable. And yes, I have blood tested myself on his gear. My levels weren't high... They were "unmeasurable" AKA greater than 1500.

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Got my Clomid and Nolva along with Winny fairly fast wont be using the products for awhile though but i will try and repost when i do

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