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50mg Dbol's

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Sup Bro's

Im going to be doing a Dbol/ Test cycle but my Dbols are only the 50mg's. I dont want to take these in just one sitting so how do i go about taking them? If you say to take it in one sitting, when would be the best time to take it?

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you're gonna get mixed reviews on this, but here's my thoughts...

I take most, if not all, my dosage very close to bedtime....i believe the body is most anabolic while sleeping, therefor you're maximizing that time spent rebuilding and growing while sleeping!

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Personally I would take the whole dose right after training as that's the time the body most wants nutrients and will pretty much absorb and use anything it can to repair. On non training days just try to take it about the same time you do after training.

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d-bombs are my favorite steroid,, ive dun alot of research on them,, and i wouldnt think of doing a cycle without them ,, it is of my opinion you should take a single dose, the half life of dboll is 3 to 5 hrs,, so trying to maintain a constant blood level is next to inpossible,, also a single dose will provide a higher peak level of concentration,,, studies have also shown that takeing an oral anabolic with food may decrease its bioavailability , so takeing them on a empty stomach is prefered,, takeing the pills earlier with a min of 2.5 hrs before training will allow for a androgen-rich metabolism and heighten the uptake of nutrients following the critical hours post- training.....

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if you can I would at least split them into 2 pills so that it stays in you as long as possible b/c the half like is so short.

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On them now. They are caps from a pharmacy with a script. I take one 50 mg cap 1-2 hrs before I train.