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Anavar only cycle Inquiry  


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21/04/2020 12:28 am  

Im 6'4 190 lbs (8% bf) and looking to do an 8 week cycle of Anavar only (40 mg max). Im not looking to bulk up, just put on lean muscle/definition.

Ive been reading about var and how it can shutdown ur test. I dont want to stack it with another steroid so I was wondering if I take it with clomid, would that keep my test from dropping?

If so, when is the time to take the Clomid, after ur cycle, near the end, etc?


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21/04/2020 12:52 am  

I would start the Clomid a day after you finish the var.

liftsiron is a fictional character and should be taken as such.

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21/04/2020 1:10 am  

Yes, I agree. The Clomid will help your body to restart its natural Testosterone production. It will be effective in doing this after most/all of the anavar is no longer actively suppressing your natural test production. Since the half life of anavar is relatively short, it only takes about a day for this suppression to end.