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How should I run this? Sus, Tren,Deca, Clen, Clomix

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For someone who has run 4 cycles before, and is 6ft 3, and 240Lbs. This is what he has. sustanon 250, Trenabol 75, 1/2 of a bottle of deca 300, clenbutaplex, and clomid. How can he make the best of this cycle since he has only half of the bottle of Deca 300? He wants to start by running 1ml of Sus every 4 days, and is not sure how often he should run the Tren and Deca or whether he should run them at the beggining or end of the cycle? and when is the best time to start taking the clomix? any suggestions please!

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i am not very sure on this but i am going to say that i wouldnt run Tren & Deca in the same cycle...Tren can shut you down real hard & the sides can be horrible...Deca, if not ran correctly, can cause your member to go limp...just doesnt sound like a good combo to me but let some of the other guys take a look at this & see what they say...

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