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Lipostabil ( injectable phosphatidylcholine )  

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13/03/2019 6:43 am  
Posted by: ridewya
How much mg you are using ? this is sems to be dilema for so many people in this forum and I always see the same answer that PC does not work, IT IS NOT TRUE !!!pc will do cheek augmentation, chin augmentation, reducing your cholestrol and tryglycerides it's all depend as I mention before o the cocktail, you cannot put PC and shooot it and wait for the miracle to happen.

This is what u need to prepare :

5 Ml of PC 250mg Each Ml
Artichoke 0.01 % in 2ml solution and you need 4 Ampule
Tiratricol 1400 MCG per 2 ml Ampule and you need 2
Caffeine 50 mg/ml and you need 10 ml
L-Carnitine 1000 Mg/ML of 5 ML

as you can see that cocktail is not cheap at all, I saw some people here they bought 10 apule of PC, shoot it and waiting to loose wait ?? that is impossible , even though PC has the other ingridients "DioxyCholate" to dilute the fat, it is not strong enought to work by it's own. and that cocktail listed above is only for one session. for your 15-16 percent body fat you will need 15 syringes of 1 cc 29 Gauge needle Per session once a week,and you will need 15 weeks to complete the session with all the coktail I listed above on each and eery session. each area has to be seperated by one inch for the injection spot and the shot has to be backwards position with 15 degree angle.

You need 15 to 20 session of all the cocktail I listed above, but the result will take your breath away !!!!!again it will do Liposuction on cheek, chin, eye lid, belly, cellulite and big butt.!!!!! I hope this will answer all of the question or doubtness that PC does not work. It works wonder you just have to make sure you have wonder wallet to cover for it.

I hope this should answer al of your question about PC.

Tiratricol and Pc.
other thing are a waste.

atichoke please.................................

dr frankenstein

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