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Var/eca/clen stack

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I have been lifting a couple years now. I have had a couple cycles of Test-E and Dbol. But 7 weeks ago I started a Oxandroplex/eca/clen stack.
wk1- clen and Oxandroplex
wk2- eca and Oxandroplex
so on and so forth for 12wks
heres the deal I started this cycle 7weeks ago I have 5 more weeks to go.
I weighed 155 I weigh 174 now.
My question am I supposed to get that much gain. I had a little muscle when I start but I am getting big and it is all defined. My diet is clean I eat alot of chicken and lean turkey burger. I have 1 cheat day a week. I run 5 times a week at 30 min a pop. I burn 500-550 calories. I lift hard and my strength is increasing. Please enlighten me bros.

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