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JOINT/TENDON realted pain? A must read!  


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26/07/2018 6:24 am  

We stumbled upon an amazing compound. The testimonials speak for the product. These are just testimonials on the message boards! Cissus RX can be purchased from

I would like to tell you about my extraordinary results with your Cissus Quadrangularis product. I have been involved with martial arts training for many years, and I have collected my fair share of aches and pains along the way. After a long hiatus from training to start my own business, I decided to continue the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts classes that I had come to enjoy in years prior. At first, my biggest obstacle was the usual task of getting back into shape. My stamina and my technique began to develop rapidly, but so did a completely unexpected problem. About 3 weeks into my training, I began to experience severe pain in my elbows after grappling workouts. My instructor immediately recognized the symptoms as tendonitis. Determined to battle my way through the problem, I continued my workouts. With each successive class, however, my tendonitis became more severe and the duration of the symptoms increased as well. By the end of training class, I would have to ice my elbows for 20 minutes before I could grip the steering wheel of my car well enough to drive myself home. It was just about that time that I found my way to your website forum and read the cycle log of a veteran rock climber. He explained how the symptoms of a previous injury had abated while taking your camphibolic product. It was theorized that the Cissus Quadrangularis within this product might be responsible for the alleviation of his painful condition. With that in mind, and a quick bit of study on my own, I decided to contact Synergy and see if I could purchase the Cissus by itself. Not only was Synergy more than willing to honor my request, but I found myself in possession of the Cissus in less than a week! With a healthy dose of skepticism, I returned to training at a reduced frequency and with the aid of my new “secret weapon”. I cannot tell you how incredibly shocked I was as my symptoms began to disappear with each passing day. In one week, I was almost completely symptom free! Even as I began to increase the frequency and duration of my training, the Cissus kept pace with my workload. That’s a stark contrast to the previous week when I was unable to drive myself home. Cissus Quadrangularis was nothing short of a “home run” for me, and I have already recommended this amazing product to many others for the healing of stubborn tendonitis.

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Mr. Sutterfield ([email protected])


Day 46 of Cut at 174.5 Pounds
Day 15 of cAMP/Cissus Log

Whooooo Doggy! I've been all lit up the entire day today, full of energy. Could it be that I didn't do cardio this morning and actually got around a decent 7 hours of sleep? Who knows, I know it could be the supps and caffeine intake.

Anyways, had a shake around 215pm, took my last doses of cAMP and Cissus around 3pm, and I was at the gym and pumping some serious iron around 345pm.

Man, I love bicep days on these supps and low carb diet. The pump is unreal, just fantastic! All pumps are just awesome! Good times!

Had a great workout today. Hit bis, hams, and calves, all of which I managed to totally deep fry. Tonight is carb up night which is going to pump me up fierce for tomorrows chest blast. Can't wait for that!

I believe it's settled that I won't be able to do cardio this week until next weekend. I really need to get my sleep during training at work. Back on it once my schedule at work is figured out sometime next week. Until then I will hit the wieghts hard every night just as I always do.

Still having issues with the loose stools, seriously, and I don't believe it's because I eat a lot of spicey salads. I have always eaten spicy foods. Oh well, it's all good, I can deal with it.


I used Cissus for one month at 1-3 grams per day. I have had a chronic
brachialis injury for more than a year. Cissus effectively removed the
pain comparable to a large dose of ibuprofin. After the month long
usage my arm injury has actually improved. It bothers me little to
none currently. The effects are very acute upon dosing in my
experience. About 30 min after a 600mg dose and the pain killing
effects are apparent. Two thumbs way up.”

-Supaman ([email protected])
Just though I would chime in here with my current Cissus experience.

I've had lower back problems and joint problems in my wrists and elbows for the past couple years. I've tried several products and they have helped a little bit but ever since taking the Cissus my problems have been MUCH less problematic. My lower back takes a beating because I love to golf as well. It usually take a good day or two to recover from a full day of swinging but its been MUCH faster taking the Cissus. My joint problems still flare up while working out but it doens't prvent me from doing any exercises (it did before sometimes) and the next day the pain is pretty much gone.

I can't get enough about this. I REALLY have noticed a difference and it basically helped me train and play golf (I'm obsessed with both). Normally I would have to take days off from the range because of joint issues but not anymore. Anything that lets me hit the range and/or course while training is golden.

That is my experience and I will continue taking it.

Ok so i have been on this for about 4 days now,

- Have observed creatine like pumps 24/7 .. i like!
- noticable painkilling effect.. i like!
- decreased recovery time.. i like!

Today will be the real test, i woke up early and did about 45 minutes of intense cardio training with joe, just waiting to start sub wrestling class in about 15 minutes

I will be rolling hard and trying to use as much power as possible, i want to see if the shoulder will give out on me again.

Took my first dose at around 945, and my second dose at 1130 (30 mins before training)


The big test came, and the results are: this stuff is a ####ing godsend. Here was the workout (keep in mind I suck at deadlifts):


Bent-over BB Rows (simply wasn't possible last week):

DB Lateral Raises:

Hammer Strength Military Press (assuming levers weigh nothing):

Yes I'm not at my strongest. However the pain that resulted from the workout was .... GOOSE EGG. NADA. ZIP. ZERO. ZILCH. I didn't even have to put biofreeze on my elbow. Now that the pain is gone I'll take it for another week or two and then try working out without it. Because right now I can't be sure if it is simply pain relief or if the tendons have really healed. I'm noticing increased strength from my previously injured state but not full strength so I think there is definitely some healing that has already occurred.

In any case, for the safe pain relief alone this stuff is awsome



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26/07/2018 7:24 am  

I have four bottles coming. In a few weeks of use, I will post a follow up on the product. I have a lingering shoulder and elbow problem.

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26/07/2018 8:52 am  

I know this is an old post but i have the same problem in my elbows. Is this product as good as it sounds?

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Favored by MMA fighters everywhere.

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bump i agree, where is that update lifts? I actually have some of this on my shelf and have not started taking it yet.