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Topical fat reducers (yohimburn,lipoderm,skulpt etc)

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Has anyone tried products like LIPODERM, YOHIMBURN, SKULPT...etc?

They look quite expensive. Does anyone know how to make a homemade version of anyone of those? Id be interested to put a yohimbe base formula through a 6 month test......but not at those

Yohimburn seems to be at 70 bucks for 4 oz's....thats quite a bit.

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there is a homemade version already out there and its called preparation h. it will give similar results as the ones you mentioned without the higher cost. learned about it from a female who used it for precontest prep to bring her abs up and cut that last little bit of fat. you will still need a great diet and cardio.
the only other product that i have heard of that gives good localized results and it is not a topical but an injectible is lipostabil. it is used by making approximatly 10-20 spot injections at once and waiting 2 weeks and doing it over again. us a slin pin and make .5ml injections about 2cm apart.
or you could just say the heck with it and get yourself some gh

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What about pgf 2a cream? I have heard good things from some. I have considered using it, but, I have too much fat right now for something like that.