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Sore Calves!

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My boyfriend started hiking recently and walking alot more... and well his calves (front calves) have started to hurt badly.. and build up the lactic acid.. so now when he does cardio, they get so sore.. he has to stop.. what could be causing this?

just a little lady lookin' for some good tips.

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sounds like shin splints to me...have him stretch really well before and after and get supportive sneakers or hiking boots.

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Give them some time to get adapt.

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I had shin splits bad when all of a sudden I had to run 3x per week. You can tape them and get some relief if you get the compression just right, but basically its a long term adaptation issue.

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i used to run 3 laps a day on a track... never had a problem.. but when switching to running on grass.. it seems soft to hard surfaces caused splints for me...