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which cycle for most lean gains with fewest side effect
Test Cyp 400mgs week1-10
EQ 600mgs week 1-10
aromasin 25mgs EOD
test e 500mgs week 1-10
var 40mgs day week 1-8
proper PCT 44 yrs old, 6'5", 270, training 20 yrs, done few basic cycles test/deca, test/eq, looking for lean mass with few side effect, yhanks

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I believe that the test/eq cycle would yeild the best gains, leaness is matter of diet either cycle.

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Test and EQ would be more potent. Both cycles would be fine though.

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I agree with the previous two posts...

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Why not run the Test/EQ cycle but keep the test at 500mg/week?

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In order to get hard and lean don't forget the cardio work bro.

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