Alcohol, tobacco, aspirin and sperm quality  


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Stutz G, Zamudio J, Santillan ME, Vincenti L, de Cuneo MF, Ruiz RD. The effect of alcohol, tobacco, and aspirin consumption on seminal quality among healthy young men. Arch Environ Health. 2004;59(11):548-52.


In this study, the authors examined the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use on plasma Testosterone and seminal parameters (in accordance with the World Health Organization's standards) in healthy Argentine medical students (n = 34). Some alterations in seminal parameters were detected in 19 (56%) subjects. Alcohol and tobacco use were correlated significantly, p = 0.005; subjects who used these substances exhibited a nonsignificant reduction in sperm concentration, motility, viability, and normal morphology. There was a significant decrease in sperm motility among students who used moderate amounts of aspirin (i.e., > or = 500 mg/wk). The authors concluded that alcohol, tobacco, and aspirin use could have had detrimental effects on seminal parameters and that men who wish to procreate should be warned of such effects. Doses, exposure time, and interactions with other variables deserve additional study.

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Your levels of the ol swimmers can decrease by about 30-40 percent as well from zinc shortages! Gotta get that ZMA!!! Well you could also just go to GNC and get some sinc but keep it under 50mg per day, any more can also be harmful to them. Picky bastards if you ask me!



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