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Diet while on cycle

kim doug
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I plan on an 8 week test cycle next. The part I'm not sure about is whether it is time yet. I have a long term goal of shedding several tens of pounds. It's going great on t-bol/HCG coming up on 4 weeks (started clen a week ago). My strength is back to days past and although I have only lost maybe 8-10 pounds, the compositional changes are noticeable. I would like to end this and start an 8 week test cycle of 500mg/wk+hcg. Since I have not attained my long term goal of getting to ideal weight (not talking competition here), I probably will not take in vast quantities of food. I would still keep protein at 250+gms/day and calories somewhere around 2200-2600/day and carbs below 100g. Definitely not a bulking diet.

I do not know if I will ever do a real bulking diet. I don't seem to lose unused muscle, but I'm the type that will gain fat not working out, instead of just burning gains up. So my question is, can these simple cycles be used to either hold onto muscle during dieting or even possibly make modest lbm gains while slowly losing fat?


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Diet is gunna be key on your goals your wanting to accomplish. 500mg of test seems like a good dose, and yes you can def. maintain muscle, and you should build muscle from that dose, but again it depends on your diet. If your eating right you can gain 10-15 pounds lean muscle. I see your wanting to run the test for 8 weeks, if so then you will need to run test prop, which is a short ester that takes very little time to kick in, unlike Test enthate and cyp. that takes 4-5 weeks to kick in, so if your wanting to run enthate or cyp. run the cycle for 10-12 weeks, but if prop is your choice then 8 weeks is fine.