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How do you run your IGF

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so with so many different IGF protocols out there lets hear what you are doing and how the results are and why you are doing it.
i have heard ED applications once in the AM and once Post workout
i have heard 3 times a week broken up into several applications
Also everyday use one application postworkout
some like to apply before and after there workout
some i have heard like it before bed
some like high doses everyday
some like low doses everyday
some like everyother day etc
i have tried serveral of these methods but am interested in others first hand results, so post up and dont be shy

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First time running over the different protocols and settled on 50mcg (25mcg shot bilaterally) immediately post workout on weight training days (5 days per week)...seems to working really well!!

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I haven't started yet, but 40mcg split bi-laterally immediately PWO E3D. I'm going to do a month of that, then a month of pegMGF, then a month with both at the time time.

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I always run it the same as my HGH, first thing in the AM upon waking. 20mcg per day I just alternate, one week HGH(2ius), one week igf, repeat.

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20mcgs post workout only. Worked just fine. You really don't need to use much.

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