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This was my 6th or 7th order from Had to take a year off due to unexpected life situations but when I was ready to start again had to go back with naps. I always order their Kalpa products as they have always been excellent. Took about 3 weeks to get my package after it shipped.

Like always very discreet and well protected.

Was very satisfied with the quality of the products. Ran a 12 week cycle 500mg sust, 300 deca and 500 EQ. Did 40mg dbol a day for the first 4 weeks and it kicked in fast with great pumps. I dropped the deca at 10 weeks. I also ran HCG 500iu a week while on cycle as I noticed it helped me come off last time so did this again. Waited 3 weeks after last shot of test and just ran standard nolva/clomid pct.

Very pleased with Growxxlgear, they do everything to make it an easy process. Had trouble with the tracking showing up but that is out of their control, just be patient and your package will arrive. Would definitely recommend them to anyone and will be using them again for my next cycle.

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I've been using GrowXXLGear for over a year. The product, shipment and results have always been solid.

I rarely have had to use their support ticketing system. When I have I get a response usually in less than one business day.

I'm on Test 500mg per week Primo 200mg per week. Ive been on for 3 months. Using pharma grade ampoules. No pip, never an infection. The blood work doesn't lie. Testosterone, Total, LC,MS 3056.5 ng/dL

Free Testosterone (Direct) >51.0 Lean muscle gain, libido through the roof great stuff.

Quality service. Cannot complain at all.

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GrowXXLGear is always on point and have a customer for life with me. I love the KP gear.. that stuff is the bomb and it always comes fast.. usually two weeks all together

Very professional as always.. this was my third order and growxxlgear it's always on point

The products are great! 2ml sust per week, 1.2 ml Deca per week, 40mg stan per day for 50 days and arimidex as needed and aromasin if that's not enough

I'm only three weeks in and I'm already feeling a severe increase in my libido and strength and I've gained 9lbs 17 days

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DP M1T and DP Oral Tren

Orals were given to 2 diff buddies. One was cutting and loved the oral tren at 500mcg first week and 750mcg next two weeks. Results are instant with this product but it is very harsh and loaded with sides so use with caution. Other buddy kickstarted with M1T 20mg 3 weeks and put on a lot of size and strength. Gyno did flare up a little though. Another toxic product so beware. Both products did what they are supposed to do.

GrowXXLGear is good stuff. Honest and carries a lot of products. DP orals never disappoint.

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GrowXXLGear is the man.. i orderder Axio ultraplex and it arrived in less than 3 weeks. the packaging was very nice. I used the product for 12 weeks and i can tell you ive never been this ripped and strong before in my whole life. Bench shot up like crazy before i got on i was benching 315 for 12-15 now im getting 315 for 25 reps, 405 for 8 reps.. this stuff is the real deal and id refer a lot more people to come here. you wont be dissapointed. Will def keep ordering more from this guy.

Great to deal with and answered all my questions fast

Shipping was very fast and discrete.

One of the best quality products around

Wouldnt shop anywhere else

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I have been using GrowXXLGear for 2 and a half years now and will continue to use GrowXXLGear as my number 1 source. They always have great gear at amazing prices. I believe this is my 7th order over the years and everything is top notch, packaged greatly, and arrived ahead of the predicted delivery time as usual.

The only problem I've had with communication on any order with GrowXXLGear is sometimes they forget to update tracking info after it has been labeled as shipped so I have to go to customer support and ask for tracking info, but that is not a big deal for me since they always reply within a 5 minute period.

Packaging was clean and tightly packed like always, the vials did not shake or make noise in the package, and all the tabs were delivered without being crushed. I have never had a problem from GrowXXLGear with broken vials or crushed up tabs which used to happen often with other sources I have used. GrowXXLGear has very quick delivery I received this order within a 2 week period just as all my previous orders.

2 x Nandrolone Decanoate

1 x Methandrostenolone

1 x DP Helios

3 x Sustanon 250mg/ml 10ml

2 x Exemestane 25mg

2 x Letrozole (Femara)

2 x T3 (Trijodthyronin, Cytomel)

1 x Oral Tren (methyltrienolone)

GrowXXLGear has always supplied me with quality gear, I have never had a problem with any gear from GrowXXLGear being bunk. I usually order Kalpa and Dragon Pharma they have no PIP and are always dosed as labeled or even a bit over

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