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23/07/2018 2:19 pm  

RoidsMall has some well known high quality gear on their site. Used several over the past couple years. This last time I used their Sustaxyl from Kalpa pharmaceuticals.

Communication is good and update you from donation instructions to shipping of products.

Just under two weeks from ship date and never had a broken vial or tab from them.

Ordered a few months ago as I had the same product from another source and was already running it and wanted to continue. I was running 1cc 350 mg ever other day (to take advantage of the short esters in this product) for about 12 weeks when I received theirs. No pip really but I'm not prone to "post injection pain".

I continued with and never had a dip in hormone levels. I was up about 8 lbs by this time and libido, oily forehead and that good sense of well being was happening. So by the the time week 15 hit I felt the same and was really using the Aromaxyl 25 mg tabs spout in half (12.5 mg) every other day to control estro ( I'm not too prone to estro sides so this was alot antiestro for me cause I was feeling tired and bloated. But easily controlled.

Total I was up a solid 10 lbs with a somewhat clean diet. This sust is legit and def fun to use as I usually stick to long ester test C or E with deca stacked with some additional prop from time to time as frequent pinning is tough from time to time with a hectic schedule. RoidsMall has a good selection of quality products especially the Kalpa pharmaceutical line.

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16/08/2018 4:04 pm  

I have ordered from Roidsmall for over a year now.

Gear has always been on point!!! The upgrades to the site, lighting fast shipping, and communication are unreal. The only source that actually helped educate me as a newbie. I don't think this guy gets much sleep. Oh and thanks man my bro loves the gear!!!

Super test, letrozole, tren ace, masteron ace, sustanon, test prop, clomid, viagara, bact water

Head turning results, Tren is strong!!!

Used other suppliers at same dosage and didn't have same results/sides. Letro was amazing.

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30/08/2018 9:20 am  

I'm in my first week cycle from and I can tell you that this is the website to go. I started injecting EQ (frontloading) @ 1000 mg and the PIP is really minimal compared to 3cc's injections of other brands. Kalpa sustanon's PIP is impressive too. 2 days after my sust injection the sensitivity is mostly gone away.

Communication was as usual, fast, impressive and not complicated.

The packaging was discrete. It's wrapped and hidden pretty well and the packages do not require any damn signature.

Only the Post noobs delayed my order. Someone sent my backage back on its track so I received my order in 8 days. -_- Sustanon 350 (2x), Boldenone Undecyclenate 300 (4x), Tren Ace (2x), Masteron Enanthate (1x)

I have used both test and EQ. I'm dealing with kids for the next 4 weeks so I'll wait for using tren. Sustanon has already started to kick in! EQ`s horse hunger should start kicking in soon.

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06/09/2018 3:50 pm  

Placing the order was no big deal and i was quite confident as i heard many good things about them. The packaging was very discreet. No one could say what is inside.

The two vials took about 6 days plus weekends to arrive. it is a decent time period for product to arrive. 2 vials of Test.enanthante. I changed from testolab-e to this testoxyl enanthante and i could notice the difference between two tests within several weeks. More strength at gym. on testolab i did not have noticeable acne, i had acne but it was very little but with this test enanthante after 3-4 weeks my back got full of acne. Showed how strong this stuff was. libido up, in mood all the time.

one thing i especially notice with test is that whenever i use good test, i am in a very good mood all the time and it increases my confidence. For example at university or with friends ,i am talking to people with confidence and in joyable mood.

I recommend him. he has been very nice to me while dealing. i am also the kind of person who looks around for different labs and sources all the time and luckily uptill now i never had problems with trying so many sources 🙂 thanks to growxxl. information on growxxl is very helpful and does not let anyone get scammed or disappointed 🙂


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