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23/07/2018 2:19 pm  

RoidsMall has some well known high quality gear on their site. Used several over the past couple years. This last time I used their Sustaxyl from Kalpa pharmaceuticals.

Communication is good and update you from donation instructions to shipping of products.

Just under two weeks from ship date and never had a broken vial or tab from them.

Ordered a few months ago as I had the same product from another source and was already running it and wanted to continue. I was running 1cc 350 mg ever other day (to take advantage of the short esters in this product) for about 12 weeks when I received theirs. No pip really but I'm not prone to "post injection pain".

I continued with and never had a dip in hormone levels. I was up about 8 lbs by this time and libido, oily forehead and that good sense of well being was happening. So by the the time week 15 hit I felt the same and was really using the Aromaxyl 25 mg tabs spout in half (12.5 mg) every other day to control estro ( I'm not too prone to estro sides so this was alot antiestro for me cause I was feeling tired and bloated. But easily controlled.

Total I was up a solid 10 lbs with a somewhat clean diet. This sust is legit and def fun to use as I usually stick to long ester test C or E with deca stacked with some additional prop from time to time as frequent pinning is tough from time to time with a hectic schedule. RoidsMall has a good selection of quality products especially the Kalpa pharmaceutical line.


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