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Happy Gilmore
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This review is for the KP Cutaxyl

Communication was great I got all the info off the website and even a few questions in PMs on here but not much was needed due to lighting fast TA!

Safe and Secure packaging and I got my order in 8 days to the east coast.

I did 1ml a day and had great results. Dropped body fat by 5% while staying the same weight, lifts went up 35lbs on bench and 85lbs on squats. The only down side was high BP and terrible sleep on the tren! I can always tell when I run tren because I have to pump my AC at 60 in the winter and I still sweat. No PIP for me but I never really get it unless I do a bad pin.

All around I love testosterone.to and always look at the weekly product to see if I need to make an impulse purchase but they always have done me right with great gear and good service. I have even had some weird requests and they took care of me!

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I used testosterone.to for my first cycle. Test E and Deca with a Tbol kickstart. If I were to do it again I'd probably lose the deca, but still it was an impressive cycle, I gained about 25lbs at least. Gear was g2g. A little pricey, though I understand they frequently have really good deals. not domestic to me in the US, unfortunately, but otherwise great.

Ordering was easy, no problems whatsoever.

Packaging was discreet

2 vials of Test E 250, 1 vial of Deca, 1 pack of oral Turanibol, and Arimidex. Also Nolva for PCT.

Quality was great - professional labeling, G2G gear that provided impressive results. Glad I went with them for my first cycle.

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I have been with Testosterone.to for 7 years now and not even once I have been dissappointed. Products are legit, Customer Service is great and delivery is super fast. Highly Recommended!

1 Sustanon

3 Trenbolone

3 Test Enanthate

This is my 2nd week I have been using this gear. 2 cc Tren + 2 cc Test. Vascularity has gone up and so did the strength. So far so good. No complains.

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I have been burned in the past by other sites and to say I was nervous and skeptical to place an order online thru testosterone.to would be a major understatement. Well my fears were quickly gone and I was very happy and impressed with the overall experience I had with testosterone.to! The ordering process was quick and easy and all my questions and concerns were answered promptly. The process took about 15 days from start to finish and my product delivered in every way imagineable! I could not be more impressed and satisfied with testosterone.to!!

Test Cyp 250

Ive been running 1ML twice weekly for almost 8 weeks now.

Major gains, solid and lean muscle, lost weight, gained energy, libido, and overall well being

WOW! You're HUGE. You take steroids, don't you!

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