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09/07/2018 11:40 am  

I was at a training forum I visit frequently this weekend. It is a wonderful forum with a knowledgeable mod staff and usually good readers/posters. Here are three of the “proposed” routines young trainees were asking questions about. All of them came strait out of the bodybuilding mags that are obviously more intent on providing “spectacular, thrilling” programs as opposed to something that actually works.

One guy wanted advice on a 12 hour arm program. Guaranteed to add mass to your arms in one workout. I am familiar with these and they are……bullshit.

My response was: One workout will NOT in any way contribute to a large long-term gain. When someone does one of these marathon workouts what occurs is the body loads TONS of nutrients in response. The muscle worked goes up in size temporarily, but it is mosty nutrient loading.

If it were that simple to add muscle we would all be looking like Ronnie. Just do a 12 hour workout for each bodypart every other week and be the man you always wanted to be--LMFAO.

Quit reading "Flex" and you will be a lot better off. Most of the SHIT is made to sell magazines, not make you bigger.

Another guy wanted to do this:

i read this in a muscle mag-its called the "davis set", it's a 6 week routine.
done twice a week, basically the 1st 2 weeks u do 10 sets of max wt non stop. press, rack, drop wt, squat again, no rest. 3 & 4 weeks you do same but go up to 3 reps per set, still no rest. 5 & 6 weeks you do 7 reps a set, and still no rest between sets.
squats: max wt x 10sets
hack squats: 2x20
seated leg curls: 2x20

That is a routine absolutely guaranteed to turn into a puke-fest irregardless of your conditioning level. Never met a single person that could do something like this without puking all over everything and getting so burned out that metabolic and CNS recovery would not be blown for god knows how long.

Another guys leg routine was:

6 sets of 8-10 squat rack
6 " " leg extention
6 " " leg press
6 " " calve raises
6 " " reverse leg curl

After doing 6 sets of squats he should be ready to drop. But wait, there’s more. In fact another 24 sets for legs. He wonders why it’s not working………

As soon as many of you figure out that the BB’ing magazines that are actually supplement catalogs in disguise are not in your best interest, you will be much better off. Nothing like selling supplements to a constantly frustrated readership.

Iron Addict

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09/07/2018 12:38 pm  

Another good post, stay simple and basic for best results.

liftsiron is a fictional character and should be taken as such.


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