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correct hand position to target lat width!

adam ryan
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like how wide is optimal as opposed to very wide or inner than your shoulder width? is shoulder width the best postion for you heavy chunks of meat in here? what else do you do to bring out the lats other than wide chins ? cheers

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I don't think it will make any difference, but others will probably say otherwise For back, chins and bent over rows.

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A smaller waistline will also enhance width. 😀

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Chinning or pulldowns with palms facing towards you. This places your biceps (the weak link) in a stonger position. Your back excersises are limited by the strength of your biceps as your biceps fail before your bigger back muscles will. Why place them in a weaker position (facing away from you)?

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i always found that close together builds the lower lats and wide grip builds the upper lats resulting in a wider back i guess. also, exactley what gradmaster said applies well for close grip i found and grip palms facing away form you for wide grip chins or pulldowns. blackninja.