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Squats: 8-10 reps or 15-20 reps????

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Hey guys i wana put some more mass on my quads... i always do squats i was doin 6-8 reps for the longest time i had good results but now gains has slowed down... I did a little research found out many people sujest to do high rep squats all the times... How many reps do u guys do on ur leg day??? I have been doin 4 sets of 16 reps to failiur , after those 4 sets i cant do any thing else... Is this the right way to get them growing???

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you are doing it right, keep the reps up in the 12-20 area

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Do a set at 15-20 reps, then a set at 10-15 sets and another one at 6-8 reps...this should tear them down..

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try alternating high reps one wk. low reps the next moderate the next.

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I'm a rugby player, so I'm more concerned with strength than size at this point. I do 4-6 reps on the squat. Then just to make sure my legs don't shrink, and to add some size at the knee, I do hack squats for 15-20 reps.