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I was looking for a new training style to try for a while. I was thinking of just 3 days a week and a split as follows, legs and shoulders, back and bi's, and chest and tries. I consider myself a hardgainer so I was wondering how well this method has worked for others and yes I realize everyone is different. Any changes are welcome as well, thanks!

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You might consider doing legs on their own day. If you have been training for over a year then I would go 4 days a week so you can do justice to the other muscle groups.

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Try doing tris with chest and bis with back...lets u hit them as primary and secondary twice in the same week, I find I can go alot heavier doing it this way. I too am like BigWill, legs get thier own day....U can pair them with traps or abs or something like that.. Or splitt your legs up and do a 3 day splitt like this. 1. Quads and shoulders. 2. Back, tris and hams. 3. Chest, bis, calves and traps. U still are doing the basic, squat, chin, bench, mass routine with a minor twist... My spelling is getting worse!!!

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the classic three day split is: day1: Back, chest day2: Shoulders, bis, tris day3: Legs, abs

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Back and Legs are the bodies largest muscles groups. Therefore, they should be trained ALONE. Try this split.... day1 LEGS day2 Chest, Bi's day3 OFF day4 BACK day 5 Shoulders, Tri's days6&7 OFF Calves get a workout on leg day. Do cardio and abs on off days. This is a cycle for those NOT on gear.