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Nandroxyl 250

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nandroxyl 250

Nandroxyl 250 is a steroid drug with moderate androgenic and high anabolic activity. It is notable for its powerful and lasting effect on the human body. It is based on the most popular ester of nandrolone today - Nandrolone Decanoate, which appeared on steroid market in the middle of the twentieth century.

It is most often in sports, for example in bodybuilding. Athletes take it for several reasons, but the main goal is building muscle mass. Also, this drug can be useful in medicine, because it is known that it helps to strengthen the bone structure of the body and improve joint function (with nandrolone they treat osteoporosis and other ailments).

The anabolic activity of Nandroxyl is 150% of endogenous testosterone, and androgenic is only 30%. In structure, it is similar to testosterone, but there are some significant differences. Firstly, Nandrolone in the 19th position has a carbon atom, while testosterone does not. Secondly, nandrolone does not convert into estronger metabolites, while testosterone can undergo these reactions.

Note that the use of such a drug based on nandrolone without any harm to the body can be carried out by both men and women. Women, in order to avoid virilization (excessive hair growth on the body and face, clitoris enlargement, coarsening of the voice, etc.), it is recommended to use the minimum dosage of this steroid - 50 mg, maximum 100 mg (men usually use 250-500 mg). Its action lasts for 15 days. Therefore, you should take this drug with a frequency of once a week.

In general, during the course it has a multiple positive effect, in sports, the following effects are especially appreciated:

  • Stimulation of muscle mass gain;
  • Elimination of joint pain and improvement of joint function due to additional production of synovial fluid (joint lubrication);
  • Strengthening the bones and the overall bone structure of the body;
  • Strengthening immunity while taking this drug;
  • Providing better oxygen transport in the body.

In sports practice, as already noted, this anabolic is mainly used to gain muscle mass. Athletes use it both in solo and in combinations, in order to achieve great results.

Nandroxyl 250 cycle usually lasts from 8 to 10 full weeks. Since it acts for 15 days, it is recommended to do injections with a frequency of once a week. The recommended dosage is calculated individually for each athlete. This is done using a simple formula - 4 mg of drug per 1 kg of your weight. If you weigh exactly 100 kg, then the optimal dose for you would be 400 mg per week.

The concentration of the active substance in the vial is quite large - 250 mg per 1 mL. Therefore, for an injection at a dosage of 400 mg, you need only approximately 2 mL of the drug. As a result: with a weight of 100 kg and using the recommended weight for this dose of one vial, it will last for as long as 5 weeks, which is a lot.

This drug can be taken both in solo and in combination with other anabolics, which significantly increases the overall effectiveness of the cycle. For example, to achieve a greater muscle mass, you can take a cycle of Nandroxyl 250 and Sustaxyl 350. If your goal is to get the highest quality muscle, then Stanoxyl can be added to this cycle. It increases strength, removes excess water and improves muscle's shape, and in general it is perfectly combined with Nandrolone, since it has antiprogestagenic activity.