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04/09/2019 9:05 am  

If you need some serious strength and a great kick start to shredding out you have to try the DRAGON PHARMA Tren ace!!!

DP is extremely fast at returning your emails weather its really important as payment info or just a dumb question like "what one is better"

7 to 10 days to my location, and talk about secure. Box wasnt even smashed... lol

DP Tren Acetate 100mg stuff packed a punch, i ran .5ml ed for 2 weeks then 1ml for last 3 days before my meet. I felt amazing and even wanted to murder the weights on the platform!!! I was pacing back and forth staring at them wanting to smash'em.

There was the occasional pip but not bad and i loved the caugh i would get when i pinned it alone. Night... make that all day sweats and a touch of insomnia came with it and of course the extremly heavy breathing.

I ate pretty much what i wanted and still came in a few lbs under my weight class.

If you need that extra push and confidence with the heavy weight this is for you. I smashed the state records and pr'd while on it. DP will treat you right and so will the DRAGON PHARMA lab.

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20/09/2019 10:59 am  

Got my 2nd order thur these guys! Very Pleased. Extremely quick shipping. AND they threw in some extra goodies, a product that was within a few months of use by date for free.

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