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[Sticky] DragonPharma.Net Reviews

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If you need some serious strength and a great kick start to shredding out you have to try the DRAGON PHARMA Tren ace!!!

DP is extremely fast at returning your emails weather its really important as payment info or just a dumb question like "what one is better"

7 to 10 days to my location, and talk about secure. Box wasnt even smashed... lol

DP Tren Acetate 100mg stuff packed a punch, i ran .5ml ed for 2 weeks then 1ml for last 3 days before my meet. I felt amazing and even wanted to murder the weights on the platform!!! I was pacing back and forth staring at them wanting to smash'em.

There was the occasional pip but not bad and i loved the caugh i would get when i pinned it alone. Night... make that all day sweats and a touch of insomnia came with it and of course the extremly heavy breathing.

I ate pretty much what i wanted and still came in a few lbs under my weight class.

If you need that extra push and confidence with the heavy weight this is for you. I smashed the state records and pr'd while on it. DP will treat you right and so will the DRAGON PHARMA lab.

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Got my 2nd order thur these guys! Very Pleased. Extremely quick shipping. AND they threw in some extra goodies, a product that was within a few months of use by date for free.

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Love ordering from DRAGONPHARMA.NET. Have placed about ten orders or so, and never had an issue with any of them. Great products and fast shipping (always less than 3 weeks).

Had no issues so I never had to contact support.

Package was excellent! No broken bottles and very discreet..

Dragon Pharma NPP 150

Dragon Pharma Testosterone Propionate 100

Dragon Pharma EQ 300

All of the Dragon Pharma gear I have ordered from them is fantastic! I've done two cycles with their NPP and EQ and made incredible gains.Their testosterone is on point. I've been taking it for months. Sex drive, strength, and energy is through the roof. Highly recommend DP gear.

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My buddies and I have been ordering from since long before any of us joined growxxl.

It's absolutely the go to, guaranteed, safe source.

Usually answers all queries within 24 hours. In the middle of the night for me here in the states lol

10-14 days is the average. But knowing this time frame is consistent, we always take the lead time into consideration when ordering from them, this was we can avoid any 'oh shit, I need this now ' situations

We've ordered tons of compounds over the years(mostly DP, love the stuff!).

DP test e

DP tren a

DP anavar (for the lady friends)

DP deca

DP winny tabs

DP clen tabs

When cutting for competitions, you need to get a product that you can be sure is the correct compound, and properly dosed. It can be the difference between 1st, and 3rd. DP tren a: I'm a tren whore, and love to run it 700mg+ weekly, but Holy damn, this tren is good. I've only needed to run it at 500mg weekly, and it works every bit as effectively as other tren I've run at 1k mg... even with greatly lowered carbs, and caloric deficit I always maintain if not get some strength gains. As for libido, it seems to help me get a 130% erections, the lady lives and hates it at the same time lol Anavar: the lady loves her some var. She's very very picky about what she'll put in her body. This is her var of choice, and I can't blame her. It raises her sex drive and I can't complain about that one! She usually pairs it with clen(t3 gives her the night sweats something fierce, so she stays off that). In the 8 wk cycle of 10mg ed, and clen @40mcged (yes, 6 wks of clen with Ketototifen), she went from 125 @ 22%ish bf to 115 around 16%, and she's extremely thrilled to be able to see her 'v' now 🙂 DP deca/test e: just ran this cycle for 16 wks.

Test e 1200mg weekly, deca 900 mg weekly. Other sources dbol. I went from 190 lbs @ 8% to 210 lbs @ 12% bf. Can't complain one damn bit about this! Hey I got to eat pizza, and bread haha About to jump on some cut compounds: test p, tren, mast, winny, and get ready for my next show in 13 wks! Pumped!

DP is like a girlfriend you keep going back to. You're comfortable and know what you're getting. Except they won't fuck your best friend rofl!

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Simple and effective. It's hard to go wrong with Ordering was painless, products showed up exactly as ordered, and work!

I just ordered, donated and everything showed up. Simple and easy.

18 days, packaging was very tight and discrete.

1 x 40mcg DP Clen (100 tabs)

Clen worked GREAT for my cut. I ran just one cycle, starting at 20mcg and working up to 120mcg a day for two weeks. I didn't start getting sides until 80mcg. minor headaches, shaky hands, but those went away once I reached max dose after about 3 or 4 days. I took 3g of taurine and made sure to drink plenty of water and had zero issues with cramps. Heart rate was elevated all day long and certainly felt my body temperature rise. Basically felt like even when I was sitting still I was walking at a brisk pace. It really helped get my body fat down just a bit more, and gave me just a little extra bit of energy towards the end of my dieting down phase. I had no problems getting to sleep, but did find myself getting up a little bit earlier in the morning than usual.

Will be ordering again soon!

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DP did it again. I only shop with this guys because so far they never let me down.

No much communication was need it. Just order send fund and wait

package discrete as usual

All Draon Pharma as usual for me:

Test E.



No injection site pain as usual with DP. Very smooth!

Quality is good I went from 240 lb to 260 lb in three weeks.

Can 't tell if Masteron is good because Test and Dianabol are overpowering and getting some water retention

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Another successful order from DP. I ordered quite a few items, but I'm only reviewing what I used which was Accutane and Halo.

T/A was around 10 days I believe.

Accutane used only once or twice per week as needed and acne is clear. Halo was used at 10mg for a few days and then 20mg for the last 2 weeks leading up to my competition. It helped me come in very hard and dry and maintain mass while on a very restricted diet. It also gave some extra aggression for my workouts despite lack of energy from very low carbs. Doses were split twice per day, early morning and pre workout. Very good product as is expected from Dragon Pharma. is the top source around in my opinion.

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I just wanted to leave another review about the success I have had with I have ordered close to 20 times since last July and everything has been great and seemless everytime I have ordered. If for some reason there is a problem with the order once received they will fix it ASAP and keep your mind at ease through the whole process.

Communication and support is excellent. It is up to par with big time companies and they reply back quickly.

Packaging on every order has been great, discreet, and professional.

I have been using the Tren E 200 for 11 weeks and have noticed a substantial increase in strength and libido. My BF % has gone down from 16% to 12% with minimal cardio, busting eating right and lifting hard. I am stacking the Tren with the Dragon Pharma Sust 350 and I'm doing both at 1cc twice a week. I have not used the anavar yet but plan on using it at the end of the month as a bridge between my bulking and cutting cycles. Great product very effective.

I definitely recommend shopping here. This is a great company and they definitely make things seemless and stress free.

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I was fortunate enough to participate in the promo. I received anavar 10mg and HCG5000.

The order process was easy, and my package arrived in just about 14 days, so I think thats pretty good.

I put my wife on the Var and have watched her over the past couple of weeks, the var is deffinitely good. Results are subtle, but its a womans dose of 10mg.

I ran some HCG over a preg test and it came up good, plus have injected some and by the old "nut sack sag test " I say its good . All in all DragonPharma.Net seems like a real solid source, I would deffinitely use again.

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