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Anyone on the fence about trying dragonpharma.net,my experience was awesome!

Dragonpharma.net has great gear at excellent prices! I just put in my 2nd order in a month,first order came fast not a single issue in less then 12 days.Great oils,clean & clear no pip in 6 weeks and counting.I was skeptical about buying online and I can honestly say,I have told friends and am 100% satisfied with DP.Highly recommended source.

Fast response in 1 to 4 hrs tops.

Fast for overseas,if not for shipper it was in USA in 2 days, & at my door in 11 days from order placed.

Excellent quality,zero pip.orals great too.All packaged excellent and very discreet also much quicker then estimated.Taking 500 sust weekly,300 decca per week,40mg dbol daily.clen for final 2 weeks or so and just placed another order for more to raise my intake.

Extremely happy with DP and will use every time I need my gear 100% GTG!

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I am a true DP fan. I have been with them since 2009 and till date have received all orders before expected shipping time. They have the most variety of gears amongst any other providers which makes them the best. Thanks DP.

Always the best Customer Service from all of the other providers.


Sustanon 270 (Testosterone Blend)

PROVIRON (Mesterolone)

First time using this new gear and so far I will say the best after DP gear. This is my 3rd week and I have started seeing increase in strength and overall fullness in muscle bellies.

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Ordered 2 packs of 50mg winstrol and 4 vials of Tren Ace. Been using winstrol 50mg daily and tren 100 mgs EOD for 4 weeks.

Am not experiencing all the crazy sides of tren people cry about. I wake up to gains every morning

Body Weight up from 235 to 245. Notice increase in weight all my exercises. My mid section has gone down drastically, about 2 to 3% body fat lost. Feel more endurance and strength.

Package arrived less than 7 days after payment was picked up

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Used dragonpharma.net for yet another order. As usual the order came promptly and in perfect condition. I was a little unsure about generic Dragontropin HGH so I had bloodwork done prior and after on both my GH Serum levels and my IGF-1 levels. Both results were where I expected them to be from good quality HGH. I also wanted to test against pharmaceutical grade HGH so I ordered a 36IU pen of Pfizer Genotropin to compare. The side effects were exactly the same. I am once again very happy with DP and will continue to use them.

Did not need to contact them.

Products came in white boxes, each then packed in bubble wrap. Very well protected.

1 x HGH 191aa - Dragontropin (10 kits / 1000iu)

1 x Pfizer Genotropin 36 IU Pen

At this point I have been on HGH for 14 weeks. I am having results as expected at this point. Lost a few pounds, sleep better, recover faster, my muscles are fuller.

Will continue using DP

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This review is for one of the essentials in nearly all of my cycles, DP Proviron. Any one who has used Proviron in conjunction with their test can vouch for the noticeable difference. Some people call it the anabolic sense of well being, which seems appropriate for what it does.

None really needed. The communication and support has always been a strong suit in the past but the order process is fairly straight forward. Place an order and wait (usually not long) and you'll be in good hands. Any questions in between are answered fairly quick.

T/A was under 2 business weeks. Very quick by any standard. I've said it before, but I have had domestic orders take longer to make it to my box. Always impressed with the T/A. Packaging is always tight. There is absolutely no wiggle room for things to move around. Good to know that product is safe for the journey.

  • 11 DP Proviron
  • 2 DP Cut Mix

I've previously reviewed the Cut Mix and haven't popped the caps on these ones yet as it's not that point in my cycle. This review is for the DP proviron. I've been running 75mgs a day with my Test and Masteron and have really hardened out significantly. The Proviron gives me that extra edge/feel good sense. My sex drive stays on a constant high and my body continues to harden up more and more as the weeks go by. In all honesty most people like to run Test, Tren & Mast in a cycle together for the look that it provides. Just with the Test, Mast & Proviron I have the very dense/hard/dry look. The synergy is amazing, and there is that much of a difference when you add proviron in the mix. Some people are not impressed by the drug, but I think that is value in any cycle is exceedingly high and this drug continues to be one of the most underrated compounds. At 75mgs a day (6weeks at this point), I feel like a machine and my body is carving out very nicely.

Grab some Proviron. If you're running Test, grab it, give it a try. Don't expect anything massive as far as size and strength but watch your body composition change week by week as you're now getting more bang out of your testosterone.

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DP provide excellent service and quality supplements. I have been a loyal customer for over 5 years and have never had not one single issue in regards to quality and They provide excellent customer service, I will be a customer for life!!!!!

Very prompt and allways friendly. I have dealt with many online companies and DP cumunication and support is far superior to any I've dealt with. I have learn to sticks with DP as nothing compares. When it's good it's good.

Numerous order with all order arriving in a timely fashion and complete. Can't beat it

Hgh, sustanon by organon, cut mix, tren ,masterone , winstrol. Dball, test enthate, test prop, probable more but thats all I can think of, I've tried about 5 different brands all good, jintani,Axiolabs, and blue top hgh generic, love that shit, couple others but cant think of but they have been all good but I like Axiolabs ,and jintani is allways 20% Off all the time, both are cheap supplements. I usually go for ,the cheapest deals as they are good from personal experience

Product are far superior then any local ug lab ,that I could use because it would be. More convenient,but I'd rather take a lil risk to get superior supplement, in the sport of bodybuilding it makes a difference, I stay on all year on then Cruiz for competitive reasons and DP quality supplement give me the competitive edge I'm looking for you know what you order is exactly what you are going to get? Kalpa is another good one that I forgot to mention.. As I try different product I'll will write more reviews

To sum it up in 3 words. I LOVE DRAGONPHARMA.NET!

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DragonPharma.net Is great and u highly recommend then to anyone and everyone. I've ordered from them numerous times and never had a problem or had to wait very long for my order.

DP is highly recommended by me and I am placing my next order with them as we speak.

They have always responded to me right away and when I had an issue with some gear they took the time to pm me and walk me through everything.

Everything has always been very discreet

Definitely order from DP they always come through, they have no problem taking care of their customers

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DP YET AGAIN!! amazing service and delivery. Money was in my wallet after 2 days and the order was received within 2 weeks to my door. Everything I need for my competition is available here at dragonpharmanet at the best prices and best delivery.

Was not needed. Everything was handled in a timely manner

20 x DP Test Enanth 250

15 x DP Tren Acetate 100

2 x DP Anastrozole (Arimidex)

1 x DP Clomiphene (Clomid)

2 x PROVIRON (Mesterolone)

Running a 1CC of tren and test e EOD. results are amazing. Gained a few solid pounds but have been hitting PRs every week which is what i wanted for my upcoming competition in january. I ran suspension everyday for the first 10 days. Amazing pump and aggression, i plan on running it again for 20 days leading to my competition for extra strength. Cant get enough of this stuff.

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First and foremost i want to say that my overall experience with Dragonpharma.net was excellent. This was my first order with him and this will now be my go to source. They have a great selection of products and equally great prices. This source would be very hard to beat. I decided to run a prop, dbol, npp, mast cycle and 3 weeks in I am so happy with these products that I am already ordering my next cycle. There is virtually nothing that DP could do to make my experiece better. It was such an easy going experience.

DP communication and support is great. I created multiple tickets throughout this process (mostly just general questions) and i always recieved an answer with in 24 hours... sometimes in as little as 3 hours. It is very comforting knowing that you can rely on DP to solve your problems in a time efficient manner.

The packaging was excellent. Very discreet. Noone would ever know what was inside. Also, I did not have to sign for it... which is a plus. The time of arrival couldnt have been any better. It was processed and shipped with in 6 days and arrived on my doorstep 7 days after that despite saying that it would take 14-21 days. This was a great surprise. DP is my go to source now.

I have been on a cycle for 3 weeks now and I am really feeling it kick in. The masteron and prop is drying me out nicely. The npp is adding some nice size and great fullness. The dianabol is giving me insane pumps in the gym. I am up 8 pounds in 3 weeks and am also dryer and more vascular. The quality of these Dragon Pharma products is top notch.


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