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Test E/Deca together

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Hey, it's me again with another question.

I give injections every day in my work. Some meds work well by drawing two of them into the same syringe and injecting together. Some don't work well together that way and have to be put into different sites. Some are more painful mixed, others - it saves the patient pain by mixing them and just having one injection.

This is one that I've never ran across at work (go figure - modern American medicine) and thought that someone may be able to satisfy my curiosity out of personal experience or perhaps relay an experience someone told them about.

Test E 500mg + deca 250mg = 3ml in one syringe in one injection site - good or not good. Would it be better to put the 2ml of test in one site and the 1ml of deca in the other. Or would someone theoretically be better off just leaving the deca alone for now and going with the Test only the first time out?

Oh and one more thing - I've gotten too much conflicting information about this. Once the lab work and doctor visits are all over with and the go-ahead for proper, effective HRT is given - at some point with the aforementioned dosage,nolva will likely be needed. Is 20mg/day starting 4 weeks before the end of a 10 week cycle and going 4 weeks past the end gonna do the trick? Or would 40mg/day 2 weeks before the end and 2 weeks post be better. That's assuming that 50 20mg doses are available. Quite obviously no physician is going to be prescribing Nolvadex because although HRT is cool, AAS for bodybuilding is still not kosher in the medical community.

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I take just over 3CC every monday and thursday wil a glute(medius) shot. No problems here....no pain either. But if you plan on a delt shot or quad shot i would avoid anything over like 1.5CC.

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you can mix test and deca in the same syringe as there both oil based and you can inject in the same site but if you are doing 500mg test 250mg deca per week you would be better off splitting them between two shots so 1ml test and half ml of deca twice a week

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