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What type of oatmeal?

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ALL ROLLED OATS ARE PROCESSED. They are rolled oats ... ie mashed oats ... which increases the rate of digestion ... which increases appetite. The whole grains are much better. In Canada a company in Alberta makes a cereal called 'SunnyBoy' which is pretty good but I don't think its available in the states. I like oat groats, they are a medium sized grain, a half cup takes about 20 minutes to soak up a cup and a half of water (water = no calories) and takes up a good two cups in volume when cooked. Thats a lot of food. Regular oatmeal I'm hungry within a couple hrs ... whole grain I'm not hungry for 4-5 hrs.

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I was asking cuz my brother get these olde style irish "cut oats" ,not rolled,and they take forever to cook.Im thinking lower GI.Im also guessing by blending my oats in my shakes im upping the GI.

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Unless you are a horse, all the oats you purchase are partially processed. The Irish or Scottish style of "cut oats" was the first version of processing. They definately take the longest to cook. Now a days, "Quick" Rolled Oats are partially cooked by steam then put through metal rollers. All this is done so that they cook faster for the consumer. "Instant" oats are simply steamed for a longer period, but beware, they are the ones that processors like to add the sugar, spice & things not so nice to.

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I just take 100 grams of cheap-ass rolled oats, and add yoghurt to it.. no cooking, just chewing.. 🙂

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