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british dragon

Official British Dragon Website

This company produces an almost complete range of AAS. Among its products, you can find any popular steroid in pills or injections. Moreover, British Dragon Pharma even manufactures Fluoxymesterone, which is used only by professional athletes. The rather high popularity of the company's drugs can be explained by the attractive price.

Most athletes prefer to purchase renowned steroids from this manufacturer, for example Methanabol, Testabol Propionate, Sustabol, Turinabol, etc. In addition, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate - Durabol is also represented in the company's line. It is a short ester that is extremely rare on the market, unlike Decanoate. You can also note the presence of a mixture of Trenbolones. This anabolic rather quickly became a success among experienced athletes.

If you are looking to buy British Dragon Pharma products, then check their official store at

In this thread, you are welcomed to share your personal experience with British Dragon brand products, by leaving a review below.


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  • Mesterolone Tablets
  • Methanabol Tablets
  • Oxanabol Tablets
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BD Tren gives a nice copper taste when pinning - Something that seems to offer an immediate and fairly good indication of legitimacy. Gives strength, fat loss, and good mass, all while eating a high-calorie diet.

Mast has always given me a noticeable libido boost. Also gives a little more definition (even though I'm not incredibly lean)

Good company. Do what they say. Provide a large variety of products at fair prices. What what you pay for.

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I ran the ultrabol mix every other day which gave amazing results! I was also in need of the letro very badly. I had been running a cycle prior to receiving it and had acquired very bad gyno that had me in a very painful and sensitive state. Within a couple days it was completely gone so I know the letro was of grade a quality.

I highly recommend this company to anyone needing products. Their inventory is huge and at very competitive pricing!

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I ordered some BD Deca-250 and this stuff works great! BD is a great brand and they always have consistent results.

Lets put it this way... I'm on week 4 of this stuff and just sprained my ankle. Took an extra dose of 250 the next day in my calf (not sure if that would help, but it was closer to my ankle...felt weird too) and 3 days later my ankle was manageable to walk on. So this stuff is legit!

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3 years on AAS; I've used other products such as Dragon Pharma cut mix and ancillaries. I felt the British Dragon was of better quality.

Ultrabol is awesome, 3xweek at 1ml per shot for 12 weeks. 0.5 mg of Anastozole a day for 10weeks finish up the last 2 weeks with Stan 50 to get those veins popping, and 3 more weeks on Nolva. perfect cut cycle...

Again, there is a reason these guys are #1! A must go to for first timers who are curious or worried. This lab is legit.

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Quality is great. No pip at all. Tren gives me horrendous night sweats. Have to change sheets every night. Started this run off at 198 lbs and am currently sitting at 218. I'm much leaner and my muscles are much fuller. trying to cut up for the spring. The vial presentation is nice and the liquids looked nice and clear. My body is ready for the spring thanks to british dragon.

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Methanabol, Anastrozole, Letrozole, Clomid, Nolvadex, Sustabol, Decabol, Boldabol, Tren Ace, and Test Prop.

I ran all the products on a ten week cycle while taking the anastrozole and letrozole throughout to keep down bloat and gyno. The quality of every product is a perfect 10/10 in my opinion.

I highly recommend British Dragon for all needs.

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Only used the clen so far. The clen helped me shed some weight over the summer when I was getting ready to go on a trip. I felt jittery, high energy, and hotter as the days went on. I would gladly take this again, results were excellent. The aromasin I have on hand and will be using soon in my cycle, my current AI seems to be letting up some. Will update this ASAP.

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100% legit gear been on the test for about 5 weeks and can definitely feel it. did a 4 week cycle of the dbol to kickstart everything and got great pumps and gained about 15 pounds on 30mg a day. the AIs are definitely legit as well as i have almost no water retention or gyno symptoms thus far

will definitely order british dragon steroids again when i am able, great products. if you are a first time aas user there is no reason for you to not order from this lab.

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Hi, I wanted to share my experience with British Dragon

I ordered 6 Vials of Sustabol 350 from British Dragon Pharma

I used the product was amazing.

I ran a 16 week cycle, and was pinning 300mg EOD, which I upped to 350mg EOD as I went deeper into the cycle.

I saw great results. I gained 10lbs of solid muscle. Not only did it make me stronger and help me gain muscle, I leaned out on this product too The sides were minimal.

I will be ordering some Dbol,Test E, and Winny Glad I found British Dragon

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Test was high quality, clear oil with little to no pip on all sites, very pleased. I felt increased strength and was a powerhouse in the gym only running around 400ml per week. Started really kicking in about the 3rd week which I broke PR's all over the court and some gym mates were curious of my new pre-workout Lol. The quality of the Dbol was superb, way too much for a first cycle IMHO, and should have stuck with test only but now I know. I ran the dbol for about 3 weeks as a kicker to this cycle and wow can you say STUPID PUMP. I started with 20mg for the first 2 weeks then bumped it up to 30 split through the day on the 3rd week. My liver was not so hot and the lower back pumps during exercises like squats was too much for me so I dropped it, but as for quality I must say top of the line there and the price is definitely right.

Quality is superb and you cant go wrong with British Dragon, very reputable and product selection and variety is there, they have EVERYTHING.

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Test E - ran it low, kept sex drive up and elevated mood.

Tren Ace - wanted to cut on this cycle which I did to start with strength going up and muscles popping, then due to working away I had 2 weeks of eating like a powerlifter and I made some incredible gains both in size and strength. Back from work back dieting recomping started happening.

Clen - ran up to 140mcg but decided clen wasn't for me, made me feel weird and not in control even at a low dose. Produced worked.

T3 - lost body fat quicker than the average person with help from these.

Adex - used, no problems with oestrogen.

Clomid Novlax - pct successful

Winny - didn't take because Tren did such a fantastic job I thought I'd save it. No pip from any of the oils, the very pleased I went with BD. Tren ace was phenomenal.

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3 x Somatotrobol (10 iu)

It was the best hgh that I took in my life. I've been using somatotrobol and my physique really changed. I am using 0.6mg (almost 2iu). My body really change after I began to use the BD hgh. The skin seems like paper because I feel very lean. In addition, somatotrobol improves the vascular, hair, nails, skin and I am sleep better now. I am using for 3 months and I really recommend this. The BD is the best price to hgh.

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I've been using the dinabol and these things are legit..and 10 mg don't have to split or fight with splitting doses..Highly recommend Deca and test I feel it in my pumps and strength.Quickly could tell this was some bomb stuff.

There gear is great and with the big selection you can't go wrong. .Highly recommended.

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I have used BD Test E for my TRT treatment. It has been used for one year at 50mg E3D. It is used in conjunction 10mg of Test P. During this year, my total test has come back between 750-900. There is no PIP for me, used with 23g.

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