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Methanabol Tablets

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MD thanks for the reply, i appreciate the info.

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With any Dball if taking more than 20mg per day it is best to spread them
out through the day. iIf taking 30mg daily 10mg in the morning, another10mg at lunch, another 10 mg at night. , but if you are taking 20mg or less daily , it is best to take it all at one time, so you get enought of the
drug in the bloodstream at least once a day that will have a therapeutic
effect. 5mg at one time does not put enough of the drug in the bloodstream
to give much if any therapeutic effect.

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Please dont take this as underminding your intellagence,because for most part your right.

if i have the 5mg tabs i usually take 2 at time 3 to 5 times aday,but studies have shown that a simple application of just one 5mf anabol tablet has been shown to increase Testosterone levals by as much as three times higher,in about3 hours after taking the dose.

again iam not discrediting you,just saying what ive seen and learned,however i could be wrong,iam no export,so please dont take offense to this post,i am on here to get help,and recieve halp.

All the members in here are highly educated and well informend on these powerful meds,and i know you are one of them,please to you and anyone else dont think iam trying to be a know it all,because i know iam not.

i believe you can never learn enough thats all,and if i say anything that someone does not agree with or thinks iam wrong,please,tell me,so i will be informend the right way,but just do it respectfully,as i just did,take care bro,later on
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