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Topic starter Website review - long overdue as have ordered a fair bit from them, but only recently running their gear.

I ordered by email and instructions for payment were clear and quickly provided. I also received notification that it was posted.

Pack was received safely within a couple of working days. Discreet packaging and measured put in place to protect all vials.

Kalpa Sustanon 350

Kalpa Tren Ace

Others for future use - NPP, Deca and EQ

Have been on the Sustanon for around six weeks now and am pleased with the results. Pinning 0.2mg each day with 0.8mg Tren Ace ED, which I have been on for around two weeks (transitioned from Gen shi Tren A) The tren is very much on point. I have lost 5lbs (cutting) but my physique is hardening and strength is slowly increasing despite restricted calories. Very impressed with the Kalpa test and Tren and would say they may well be my favourite products from all of my previous cycles (including but not limited to 7Lab, Dragon Pharma, Maha, BodyPharm and Sciroxx).

I tried ordering just as the prices went up following a sale but had problems ordering through the website. Credit to AS4S, he wrote to say I could order at the discounted prices, as I was placing a large order. Overall, just a very professional service and great products. I will put up further reviews once I've run some of the other brands they supply. Kalpa is great gear though - very impressed!