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Default Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Reviews

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals was first known on steroids market a long ago, in 1994, but to this day its development does not stop. Every year Kalpa products offer more and more perfect steroid products that are very popular among bodybuilders around the world.

Given to the high loyalty of bodybuilders to drugs from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, its reviews on Internet are only positive, and on the basis of such reviews, bodybuilders and athletes choose in favor to this company when selecting anabolics for their cycles.

In the range of Kalpa preparations, there are quite a lot of various anabolic and androgenic steroids, a complete cycle of drugs necessary for athletes and bodybuilders. These are primarily anabolic and androgenic steroids, fat burners, HGH as well as post-cycle therapy and anti-estrogens.

Given the high popularity of Kalpa products, a lot of counterfeits have appeared on the market. Therefore, in order to verify the authenticity of the drugs, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals has created a special website located at where it is always possible to verify the authenticity of the purchased product by entering the security code on the package.

In this thread you are welcomed to share your personal experience with Kalpa Pharmaceuticals brand products, by leaving a review below.
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The labels are cool and the pack for the tabs is legit too. The tabs are also pressed very well.

I am 2 weeks in on both DIANOXYL and DURAXYL.

DIANOXYL 50 ED and I swear by day two I was feeling that energy and strength. I love this DBOL. I am awake, alive and alert, like coffee with a pump.

200 DURAXYL EOD with 100 Test P with a booster shot of NANDROXYL 600 E7D. The DURAXYL is good. Nand is a slow builder so I am not expecting much at this point but I can tell my endurance is up, and although I don't seem to have gained scale weight all my shirts are tighter and my lifts are solid. I have used DURAXYL before and this isn't better or worse.

First run of DIANOXYL and I feel I chose a great SRC to pop my cherry. It just makes me feel like a king. The DURAXYL is good. It is a little early to "fully" review it but I know from experience its GTG and dosed well. This is a running start into my TREN cycle and I am very satisfied with this brand, and will order again.
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Default Kalpa Test E and Tren E

I have been using Kalpa for about three weeks now, and have been seeing great results. I am on a cycle of Test E and Tren E. I do 500mg a week of each. Since I have started using I have been gaining bulk and strength.
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Default Kalpa Oils Review

Now that I've used Kalpa's oils - The test E and test P are legit as hell. I've used HG testoviron and the test E compares in terms of weight gain and sides (oily skin). Test prop is even more impressive, as it gives the typical prop gains WITHOUT ANY PIP!!

No PIP whatsoever, which is amazing as I'm usually sensitive to prop. Tren E made me strong as hell without the sides from ace - no PIP either. Letro from them crushes my estro. Made the mistake of taking 1/4 a pill which is 0.25mg which nuked my estrogen to like 0 lol.

Cut it further and I was good. Put on about 8lbs of LBM which is great for me since I'm not running a very high dose anyway.
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I stick to 2 cycles

On cycle - 10 weeks

Test E - 250mg/wk

Tren E - 400mg/wk

Dbol - 50mg/day (wk 1-4)

Aro- 12.5 EOD (or as needed)

PCT with -




With this cycle I only inject once a week, so 3ml (full syringe). Even with that much gear in the needle I don't experience any PIP. The test is great.. but the Tren is Amazing! I was doing 600/week with my last supplier, and I can say that 400/wk of Kalpa tren E blows 600mg of the other brand away!

or 16-18 weeks on cycle Test E - 500wk

EQ - 500wk

Anavar- 50 mg/day for first 30 days and last 30 days

aromasin as needed

PCT with -




I use this cycle when Im getting ready for summer and am running more, as EQ helps with RBC and doesn't slow you down your cardio like Tren does. I inject twice every week with this mixture, as I don't want to inject 4ml of product in my leg all at once. No pip from the eq or test, and I see great results. The Anavar is real people! I like taking var as my kicker and as my ender, I start my ending dose of var 1 week before im done injecting, and I take it alone for the last 3weeks before I start PCT. It gives me that extra strength during the end of my cycle when I stop my injections.
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This review is long overdue for sustaxyl 350 that was used during a bulking phase for me.

I was bulking already on test e 750mg/w and added 350mg sust e3d. I ran this sust just for 6 weeks as a mini blast. I noticed a lot more aggression and gains basically immediately. I can say that my strength was skyrocketing along with my appetite around this mini blast. Skin got a little oily near my upper back and I caught a little cold for a few days. I put on a lot of water weight but the strength gains were incredible and I kept a large portion of my strength and size after coming off by continuing my blast and eating like a pig.

High quality products and good selection.
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